Within the frames of its activity "Minion" child care & development center will help parents in ensuring the process of their child's development, socialization, life skills building and development, smooth transition to elementary education in accordance to his/her age offering a set of targeted services.

"Minion" child care & development center is intended for children aged 1.5 to 6. Children are admitted to 3 age groups: junior, middle and senior, i.e. preschool.

Our qualified and experienced specialists will surround your children with the utmost warmth demonstrating care, individual attention and using personalized approach. During the educational process techniques and technologies of the traditional, as well as advanced pedagogy, such as interactive, active learning methods involving certain games, etc. are used. The educational process of children in "Minion" child care & development center is carried out in accordance to the preschool educational programs developed on the basis of the state criteria of preschool education and approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the RA.



1. Care for children aged 1.5 to 3.

2. Preschool development program: educational and involving certain games.

3. Preparing for lessons for elementary schoolchildren (I-V).

4. Foreign language teaching (English, Russian and Chinese upon the choice of parents).

Comfortable conditions are created in "Minion" child care & development center. The center is fully equipped with modern technical equipment, didactic materials necessary for the teaching process, various interesting and inclusive toys.
Children in "Minion" child care & development center have four eco-friendly, vitamin-rich, diverse meals a day.

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